Alex Rodriguez Reacts After Storming Out Of Hearing (Video)

Alex Rodriguez, Grievance Hearing

After New York Yankees third baseman, Alex Rodriguez stormed out of today’s grievance hearing in regards to his alleged steroid use/suspension. He appeared on the Mike Francesca show afterwards and expressed his disappointment in commissioner Bud Selig’s lack of presence at the hearing. Rodriguez felt that since Selig has led this witch hunt, he should be involved in the process that will potentially be shutting the door on his career.

Selig has enforced a 211-game suspension on Rodriguez for being a repeat offender of Major League Baseball’s steroid policy. At 38 years old, a suspension of this magnitude would allow Rodriguez to return to the game at 40 years old. At that age, it’s highly unlikely that he could be productive, nor is guaranteed that a team would be willing on to take on such a risk.

Here is the interview where Rodriguez voices his frustrations.


Brian Wilson Will Only Go Where His Beard Is Welcome

Brian Wilson

New York Yankees fans can count out any hopes that major league baseball’s bearded wonder, Brian Wilson will be landing in the Big Apple. According to Yankees beat writer, Bryan Hoch, Wilson will not entertain any offers from clubs that have facial hair rules.

Brian Wilson, Beard

After bouncing back from Tommy John surgery in 2012, Wilson spent last season with the Los Angeles Dodgers and helped anchor the back-end of a shaky bullpen. Wilson pitched 30 innings for the Dodgers last season with one save, a 5.40 ERA and 4 holds. Moderate numbers for the once dominating closer as he looks to regain his former dominance.

Wilson’s beard and unexplainable antics have managed to keep him relevant, even after he was out of the game for a nearly a whole year. Wilson knows that his beard is his golden ticket to continued endorsement opportunities, TV time and appearances on crappy blogs like this one. Wilson is playing it smart and grasping onto his money-maker, because you can’t throw baseballs 90+ mph your whole life. Expect Wilson to draw some attention from the Boston Red Sox, at least we know they’re equal facial hair opportunity employers.


Middle-Aged White Men Soft-Brawl

Softbal Fight

Looks like the local rec league needs to button things up on their local softball diamonds. It’s hard to tell what exactly caused this underwhelming “brawl.” In order to justify it’s happening, I’d like to think that perhaps the opposing pitcher brushed a batter back with a 7-10 mph slider, or maybe a 200+ pound DH came in a little hot on a slide into second and spiked the fielder. Nonetheless, it’s plenty entertaining to watch these forty-somethings white dudes roll around and pretend they’re fighting.

Chase Utley Awesome Response To Mac From ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s’ Fan Letter

Chase Utley, Mac, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

After five long years, Mac from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia has received his wish. Phillies All Star second baseman Chase Utley, responded with equal hilarity to Mac’s fan letter from a few seasons back. Let’s be thankful to have a professional athlete out there like Chase who actually takes the time to mix things up and be funny. For the avid watchers of the show, It’s Always Sunny premieres tonight on the all new FXX Network. If you don’t have cable or satellite, that kind of sucks for you.

Mac’s Fan Letter To Chase


Chase’s Awesome Response

Rays DH Luke Scott Brings Back The “Rat-Tail”

Luke Scott, Rays, Rat Tail

Rays designated hitter Luke Scott is known for his ‘Wolverine’ style facial hair, but if you’ve been watching the Rays this season, (chances are you haven’t because not even people in Tampa realize they have a winning club) you may have already noticed that Scott has kicked things up a notch. Scott has focused his attention to the hair on his head by bringing back a popular style amongst redneck culture in the 90’s, the “rat-tail.” Scott apparently has no shame in owning this bad boy and is rumored to have no plans of parting ways with it. He better be careful because from the sound of this video below, his teammates are conspiring to cut it off.

Mets Ace Matt Harvey Dupes Fans On The Street

Matt Harvey, Mets, Jimmy FallonIf this video has gone so viral and you’ve already seen it ten times today, then apologies are sent your way. If you haven’t seen it, then you’re welcome. Jimmy Fallon sent Mets ace Matt Harvey out on the streets of New York to ask Mets fans about, well, Matt Harvey. Some are able to recognize him, some aren’t and the candid reactions are pretty priceless. Harvey deserves a lot of the credit as his comedic delivery is almost as impressive as his delivery on the mound. Harvey will take the mound tonight, starting his first all-star game for the National League at 8:00 on Fox.

In his first full season, the University of North Carolina product is 7-2 with 147 strikeouts and a 2.35 ERA.

Munenori Kawasaki: A History Of Dance

Munenori KawasakiIf you read the blog then you already know the affinity that I have for Blue Jays shortstop Munenori Kawasaki. If you don’t read the blog, then today is your reckoning and all is forgiven.

Kawasaki keeps popping up and making it worth my while to share what I find. Kawasaki is known for his fun personality and what he brings to the ball park everyday. He just has fun, whether he’s being made fun of or trying to get a few laughs. This recent video just surfaced of Kawasaki celebrating with a victory dance on the team plane. After a little research, I came to realize that Kawasaki is a dancing fool.

That being said, enjoy Munenori Kawasaki’s history of dance over the years. Enjoy while you can because starting shortstop Jose Reyes was activated from the disabled list and we may see a possible demotion for the Blue Jays funny man, or at the very least a severe reduction in playing time.