Meat Locker Big Bro Wins At The Charleston Angler GoPro Film Festival

GoPro, Film FestivalCongrats to big brother and seldom guest writer for The Meat Locker, Rob Carli for finishing third at the second annual Charleston Angler GoPro Film Festival. The video is filmed locally in Charleston and chronicles a few good days of fishing for some spot tail bass, aka redfish.

For the third place finish, he took home a pretty sweet new GoPro Hero3 camera and some bragging rights. Congrats again and be sure to check out this fun video. It might even inspire you to go out and participate in next years competition. If this guy can win, hell, anything is possible.



Man “Bull Rides” A Mola Mola In The Ocean

Man Rides Mola Mola

Mark this under weird video of the day. This man was apparently offered a $20 bet to hop aboard one of the oddest fish of the sea. The Mola Mola is known for its docile behavior and incredibly large size. Typically they can grow to be 11 feet long and 5,000lbs.

Mola Mola

The round shape makes this stunt, in theory, look pretty easy. It just all depends if you’re ballsy enough to jump and actually saddle up on the gentle giant. One thing you should know, in case you decide you want to try to mimic this video. Mola Mola’s are covered in barnacles and are known to carry some pretty nasty parasites. So, ride this one at your own risk.


Fishing Trip Turned Underwater Dolphin Show

Dolphin, Underwater, Pod

This video was shot about 60 miles off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina. What began as an offshore adventure, quickly turned into an incredible dolphin spectacle. This was shot with a GoPro camera and the footage that isn’t exactly easy to capture in the wild, speaks for itself. The camera man just so happens to be a frequent guest-writer and brother of the Meat Locker. Don’t mind the dolphin sex that happens to be caught in the background, around the 1 minute 18 second mark. It’s nature folks, it’s only natural.