Brian Wilson Will Only Go Where His Beard Is Welcome

Brian Wilson

New York Yankees fans can count out any hopes that major league baseball’s bearded wonder, Brian Wilson will be landing in the Big Apple. According to Yankees beat writer, Bryan Hoch, Wilson will not entertain any offers from clubs that have facial hair rules.

Brian Wilson, Beard

After bouncing back from Tommy John surgery in 2012, Wilson spent last season with the Los Angeles Dodgers and helped anchor the back-end of a shaky bullpen. Wilson pitched 30 innings for the Dodgers last season with one save, a 5.40 ERA and 4 holds. Moderate numbers for the once dominating closer as he looks to regain his former dominance.

Wilson’s beard and unexplainable antics have managed to keep him relevant, even after he was out of the game for a nearly a whole year. Wilson knows that his beard is his golden ticket to continued endorsement opportunities, TV time and appearances on crappy blogs like this one. Wilson is playing it smart and grasping onto his money-maker, because you can’t throw baseballs 90+ mph your whole life. Expect Wilson to draw some attention from the Boston Red Sox, at least we know they’re equal facial hair opportunity employers.



Tony Gwynn Jr. Creatively Out-Heckles A Heckler

Tony Gwynn Jr., HecklerWhen taking in a baseball game, you’re almost guaranteed to hear some heckling in some capacity. Some hecklers are creative, witty and funny. While other hecklers are so bad, you wish one of the players would take the liberty of making the guy look like an ass. Dodgers outfielder Tony Gwynn Jr. did just that. In this clip, the tail end of the heckling is caught, but the response by Gwynn Jr. is legendary.