Raise Your Testosterone Levels, Naturally

Gamma-O V2

The increasing popularity of Gamma-O V2 Series from Gamma Labs reflects the demand for bodybuilding supplements that naturally boost testosterone levels. Commonly realized benefits include increased athletic performance and speedier muscle recovery.

The use of naturally derived testosterone boosters can also reduce muscle pain and are directly attributed to more effective workouts, among other health benefits.

As a sought after testosterone booster, the compound known as gamma oryzanol has greatly evolved from original use in the treatment of anxiety. The testosterone boosting properties of Gamma-O stem from a sophisticated process which extracts plant sterols from the simple ingredients of corn, rice, and barley.

The health benefits of gamma oryzanol include the release of mood enhancing endorphins, antioxidants to destroy free radicals and naturally elevated levels of testosterone production.

The Gamma-O V2 Series has parlayed these factors into the all-natural testosterone booster of choice among many bodybuilders and athletes of various sports.


Game On!… Online, Of Course

South Park, Online Gamer

With the upcoming release of Madden 25, online gaming numbers should expect to skyrocket once again in popularity. Last year alone, 80 million people participated in online play for Madden 13. Within the first month of it release, over 81,516,738 games of Madden were played online. That comes out to roughly 980 million games played last year alone, a number that speaks for itself.

Online game play with popular titles like Madden, NCAA 13, Call Of Duty and Black Ops have paved the way for online gaming to evolve into the ever powerful social media world. Facebook has become one of the newest platforms to host online gaming aside from the Xbox 360 and Playstation game consoles. According to Doug Purdy, Facebook’s Director Of Developer Products, 230 million people have games on Facebook in the last 30 days and that 8 out of top 10  iPhone apps are integrated with Facebook.


One of the more popular newer platforms is BingoGodz. BingoGodz offers an array of gaming possibilities ranging from the cult classics like Monopoly and Clue to some newer titles like Ghostbusters, Cleopatra II and Day Of The Dead. If you feel channeling your inner Clark Griswold from Vegas Vacation you can also hit the Craps tables, roll the dice on a game of Roulette or take your chances on a game of Blackjack. The process is pretty simple, create an account, place your bet and start advancing through the different levels and collect your prizes. BingoGodz can be accessed through both the iPhone App Store as well as the Android market. Whether you take part in online gaming or not, it continues to grow in popularity and in this time of social media it looks to only continue to grow. To learn more about Bingo Godz and how you can get started, check it out here!

ESPN Hits Rock Bottom And Features Kenny Chesney On Jon Gruden’s QB Camp

Kenny Chesney, Jon Gruden Quarterback Camp, ESPNIf ESPN was my teenage son, I’d smack him on the wrist and tell him how disgusted and disappointed I am in him right now. While catching up on the daily butchering of sports headlines yesterday, ESPN did the unthinkable and put something on our TV screens more appalling then Skip Bayless himself. Country singer Kenny Chesney was featured on Jon Gruden’s Quarterback Camp. Why you ask… There is no answer. If you’re a Kenny Chesney fan, go ahead and press the X-icon on your computer screen, because a rant is in store.

Surely ESPN thought that featuring the country singer would be a good way to mix it up, keep things loose and show some wit. It was the complete opposite. All respect has officially been also been lost for Jon Gruden in the process. The Super Bowl winning coach, turned Monday Night Football host totally sells out and goes all-in on this one. Gruden went far enough to break down the X’s and O’s with Chesney by comparing it to concerts and stage positions.

ESPN needs a gut check. Unfortunately this small sports blog doesn’t carry enough clout be the strong-arm in that operation. ESPN used to be a network that broke down the daily sports news and had a few shows that sparked some good debate. Now, it’s essentially become the TMZ of the sports world while at the same time having some sort of sick infatuation with Tim Tebow. That’s enough of the rant as the point has been made the horse has been beaten. Bottom line, shame on you ESPN for putting such worthless content on your network. From now on, stick to the simple SportsCenter segments of old and keep delivering on the 30 For 30 documentaries.

Shaun White Chops Off His Famous Red Locks

Shaun White, Haircut

Shaun White, A.K.A “The Flying Tomato” just got a little more aerodynamic after cutting off his famous red locks.  White donated his hair to “Locks Of Love.” Whites dominating X-Game performances along with his famed hair have out him on the map as arguably the most decorated snowboarder in the history of the sport. Hats off to White for donating to such a great charity.


Insanse Frisbee Trick-Shot Video (Must Watch)

For a guy who finds it as the ultimate struggle to throw a catchable frisbee to my black lab in the backyard, gotta throw a little respect to this guy. Brodie Smith is apparently the “Johnny McEntee” (football trick-shot) and the “Remi Gaillard” (soccer trick-shot) of the frisbee world. Smith documents his journey around the world by trick-shotting at some amazing locations. Take the next five minutes to enjoy this one.

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