Fred Taylor Joins In For The 7th Annual Meat Bowl Fantasy Football League

Fred Taylor, The Meat Locker, Fantasy FootballWe’re officially 24 hours away from kicking off the 7th Annual Meat Bowl Fantasy Football League. Joining us for a second year is NFL legend, member of the 11,000 yard rushing club, and No. 15 on the all-time NFL rushing list, Mr. Fred Taylor.

Fred Taylor is a previous guest of The Meat Locker and is entering his second fantasy football season with this veteran group. I offered him a spot in the league last season while continuing to stay in touch after the story. Fred’s squad aka “Fla Famers In Da Hall” posted a 7-6 record in 2012, finishing 5th in the league. We’re looking forward to having Fred back this year. I mean, how many other guys (and gals) can say that they’re playing fantasy with Fred Taylor?

The league was formed seven years ago with the core group of eight average dudes, one lady and now an NFL legend. It’s a standard scoring, head-to-head, ten team league that offers up a ton of entertainment. I decided to share the madness this season on the blog and give a closer look into the league. It’s not exclusive by any means, but hopefully it provides a little entertainment for you all that read.

The defending champ, Rob Carli aka “Master Blaster” will have his work cut out for him in defending his crown. After posting an atrocious, and UN-charecteristic 4-9 record last season, The Meat Locker is looking to regain championship form.

Along with the commentary this season, I’ll be offering some more general fantasy insight on sleepers, match-up’s and lineup suggestions. Follow The Meat Locker on Twitter (@MeatLockerBlog) or “like” the Facebook page and toss your fantasy questions my way.

League Members: Team names subject to change, as they usually do once the season is completely underway.

Matt Carli- The Meat Locker: (2008 League Champion) League founder and frequent target of criticism for being a “fantasy dictator.” It’s my league, I do what I want.

Rob Carli- Master Blaster: (2012 League Champion) Tends to get over excited after the draft and will often describe in great lengths how “sick” his team is. He had an impressive run to championship in 2012 after rolling the dice on Peyton Manning and finally capturing his first title.

Kyle Hobbs- Flo Town Felons: (2007 League Champion) Usually drafts a pretty competitive squad and is usually the only person willing to make a trade and make things interesting.

Jamie Martin- Glad I’m Not Dez’s Baby: (2011 League Champion) Another solid drafter who’s enthusiasm prior and during the draft exceeds his ability to remember to set his lineup. Tends to be recovering on Sunday’s from a hard night of drinking and will unknowingly deliver an easy win to his opponent because of his inability to monitor his team.

Ben Cruse- The Plum Smugglers: (2009 League Champion) Mr. Cruse is the silent assassin. Never talks any trash in the draft room or in the email chains. Puts together a solid team and is consistently in contention. He’s expecting his first child in the coming months. Will sleep deprivation bring an end to his successful fantasy run?

Katie Phifer- The Frogmorious D.O.G: (2010 League Champion) The lone lady of the group stepped into the league after her husband won it in 2010 and then left the group while he was on top. She inherited his team and in search of her first title.

Fred Taylor- Fla Famers In Da Hall: After gaining a better understanding of the scoring and how the league works, Fred is looking to mount a better season heading into 2013. He’s also not afraid to mix it up and launch a verbal assault or two.

Scott Sanders- DC Skeletors: A full grown man that stands at 6’1″ and roughly 90lbs soaking wet. Has been in the money several times but is still in search of his first title.

Charles Scales- The Kenosha Kickers: Often criticized in league emails for his elementary comebacks or torchering abuse of obscure movie quotes that nobody understands in the attempt of a comeback. When he’s not playing fantasy football, he can be found at his townhouse in Greenville catching up on his DVR recordings of Glee, Top Chef and real Housewives of God knows where.

Joel Broome- Fowlers Fornincators: The habitual pre-mature crap talker of the league. He’ll surprise you and put together a good team, but because of the trash talking, his virtual team usually plots against him and craps on him.