Danica Patrick Is NOT Amused By Jay Mohr

Danica Patrick, Jay Mohr, Sprint Cup Awards

It comes with the territory. When it’s understood that a comedian is headlining an award show, expect a few curve balls in the opening monologue. When you’re Danica Patrick, you should be sure that your “people” pass along them memo to take any jokes in stride. If you’re the boyfriend of Danica Patrick, currently it’s fellow driver Ricky Stenhouse, you should also be prepared to not be such a “Sensitive Sally.”

Comedian Jay Mohr hosted the NASCAR Sprint Cup Awards Banquet and fired a few zingers in Danica’s direction. It’s safe to say she didn’t take too kind to his jokes. No smiles were cracked and little Ricky was none too pleased himself.

After seeing Patrick’s obvious looks of disapproval and most likely a barrage of Danica supporters via twitter, Mohr made sure to commend Patrick for her accomplishments in a sport dominated by men.

But seriously, relax Danica and take a joke.




50 Cent Gets Weird With Erin Andrews At The Daytona 500

50 Cent, Erin Andrews, Daytona 500

Okay, number one… what the hell is 50 Cent doing at the Daytona 500? Who knew he was a NASCAR fan. Two, how did Fox let him interrupt the broadcast to get close enough to Erin Andrews and create one of the most awkward moments ever captured on live TV. While Erin Andrews was making her way through pit row to interview Danica Patrick, she was blocked by 50 Cent as he went in for a very creepy, unsuspecting kiss that Andrews was nowhere close to expecting to receive.

Brad Keselowski Debunks Theory That NASCAR Drivers Are Athletes


If NASCAR drivers were wanting the respect that they typically command in regards to being called athletes, driver Brad Keselowski just set them back light years. Keselowski, the 2012 Sprint Cup champion recently partcicpated in a halftime skills challenge at a Charlotte Bobcats game. Needless to say, he should’ve strongly been advised by his agent to turn this one down. After seeing this clip, Keselowki could quite possibly be the worst basketball player in the world.

Tony Stewart Plays “Grab-Ass” With Mrs. Harvick

During this weekend’s NASCAR race, the camera panned in on Tony Stewart at perhaps the most in-opportune time. As the commentators were about to talk about Stewart, he was caught with hand full of Kevin Harvick’s wife, Delana’s butt. Clearly he was joking with her as you can spot Kevin within arms reach and laughing along.

Dear God… “Boogity, Boogity, Boogity”

"I'd Like To Thank God For My Smokin' Hot Wife"

After thanking God for all the masterful components that are responsible for the wonderful sport of NASCAR, Pastor Joe Nelms went on to thank God for his “smokin’ hot wife.” This is easily the best pre-race prayer to ever take place. And for that, we thank you Joe Nelms.