Meat Locker Big Bro Wins At The Charleston Angler GoPro Film Festival

GoPro, Film FestivalCongrats to big brother and seldom guest writer for The Meat Locker, Rob Carli for finishing third at the second annual Charleston Angler GoPro Film Festival. The video is filmed locally in Charleston and chronicles a few good days of fishing for some spot tail bass, aka redfish.

For the third place finish, he took home a pretty sweet new GoPro Hero3 camera and some bragging rights. Congrats again and be sure to check out this fun video. It might even inspire you to go out and participate in next years competition. If this guy can win, hell, anything is possible.



Julian Edelman Returns A Punt While Wearing Google Glasses

Julian Edelman, Google Glasses

Eat your heart out GoPro, Google Glass is making its way onto the scene. Patriots wide receiver and the NFL’s second leader in receptions, Julian Edelman gives us a whole new perspective on what it really looks like while returning a punt while wearing this nifty new device. Edelman is joined by rookie punter Ryan Allen, who also wears the glasses while punting Edelman the rock. After Edelman’s early production, it’s safe to say the Pats should make a solid effort in re-signing the new slot man who’s filled in admirably for the departed Wes Welker. Take a look and enjoy the ride.

Meet The “Ray Lewis” Of Flag Football Pump-Up Speeches

Frat Bro Pump Up, Flag Football, Drexel

Earmuff alert: The F-Bomb Get’s Dropped 24 Times In This 1:25 Video. Do Not Listen Within Close Proximity Of Your Employer

Now that Ray Lewis has taken his talents to the set of ESPN, the Ravens might have found their new “pump-up” man. This speech comes from a fraternity guy at Drexel, who appears to take flag football and the Greek Week Championship extremely #ucking serious.

According to the video, “Scizz” has been away from the field and away from leading his “troops” on the gridiron. Maybe it’s an Uncle Rico moment and Scizz has returned to pump his boys up. Maybe Scizz has put on too many pounds and can’t perform as well as he could during his freshmen year, so this 1:25 is his moment of glory. Maybe Scizz really never has played with these guys and they just keep them around for their very own “Ray Lewis” moments.

Either way, Scizz brings the heat because he at least gets one guy pumped up, just check out No. 77 as he jumps around and limbers up in anticipation of ripping the hell out of some flags off some dudes waists. Just think, if these future accountants/insurance salesman/bankers didn’t have Scizz, they’d probably have no realistic shot of becoming the 2013 Greek Week Champions.

For the record, “Scizz’ drops 24 F-bombs in the span of 1:25. Because using the f-bomb repeatedly always drives the point in that much harder. Am I right?

Female Surfer Anastasia Ashley’s Pre-Competition Twerk Warm-Up

Anastasia Ashley, Surfer, Twerk

It’s probably safe to make the assumption that this unorthodox warm-up session might be a little more¬† about attention, rather than effectiveness. I for one am not a habitual twerker, so I can’t say validate that it might¬† actually be the best way of limbering up. Can any twerkers confirm or deny this?

This is Anastasia Ashley. She’s a pro surfer/model and that’s probably all you really need to know. Also, good luck getting that song out of your head.

Man “Bull Rides” A Mola Mola In The Ocean

Man Rides Mola Mola

Mark this under weird video of the day. This man was apparently offered a $20 bet to hop aboard one of the oddest fish of the sea. The Mola Mola is known for its docile behavior and incredibly large size. Typically they can grow to be 11 feet long and 5,000lbs.

Mola Mola

The round shape makes this stunt, in theory, look pretty easy. It just all depends if you’re ballsy enough to jump and actually saddle up on the gentle giant. One thing you should know, in case you decide you want to try to mimic this video. Mola Mola’s are covered in barnacles and are known to carry some pretty nasty parasites. So, ride this one at your own risk.


Here’s The Most Incredible Water Invention Ever: The Flyboard

Flyboard, Water, Jetpack

After scanning through the Charleston City Paper this morning, I came across what might be the most insane water invention ever created. A water jet-pack called the Flyboard. It does exactly what you think it would when you read the words “water jet-pack.” It allows you to levitate above the water at great heights, while having the ability to move freely (after a guided lesson of course.) I won’t bore you with any more crap to read as the videos speak for themselves. Read more of the Charleston City Paper article for details on how to partake locally in the Charleston area.

Cowboys Add “Trickster” QB To Roster

Alex Tanney, Trick Shot, Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have brought in a quarterback to contend for a back up spot during training camp. However, this is no ordinary quarterback. Alex Tanney, a highly decorated QB of out Monmouth College is mostly known for his trick shot video that is easily comparable if not more impressive than UCONN’s Johnny McEntee.

For his professional career, Tanney spent time with the Kansas City Chiefs last season after being picked up as an undrafted free agent. Tanney played during the preseason and was subsequently placed on IR after a finger injury. Tanney was released by the Chiefs and just picked up by the Cowboys. Tanney is a long shot to make the roster as he is set to battle Kyle Orton and Nick Stephens for Tony Romo’s back up. At least his trick shots make this post worth your while.