Tiger Woods Continues To Make It Easy To Hate Him

Tiger Woods, Fakes Out Fans

It gets easier and easier to hate Tiger Woods and this is just another example of why. While Tiger was heading out for his practice round today, he made his way towards some fans that were hoping for an autograph. Tiger walked towards the fans and then abruptly turned around  to snuff the awaiting fans and walk away with that jackass smile on his face.

There’s other reports that Tiger was trying to avoid the collapsing barricade, but he was pretty quick to walk away and not look very remorseful. I still don’t like the guy and for those who join me on my hate parade, we can enjoy this clip and together feel vindicated.


Maybe Bubba Watson Expects His Caddy To Hit The Ball For Him Too?

Bubba Watson, CaddyBubba Watson had a bit of a meltdown on Sunday during the final round of the Travelers Championship. No, it was the emotional, tear-filled cry sesh that we’ve all become accustomed to. Mean Bubba came out to play and let his caddy Ted Scott know exactly how he feels.

Bubba came up short on a par 3 and ended up in the water. His facial expression says it all in his reaction. After his drop, he overshot the green and questions that yardage that Ted gave him. Then the final meltdown came when he came up short on a putt and asked Ted why he should have even showed up.

Here’s the deal, Bubba. You’re a professional golfer. A winner of a major championship. Ted isn’t the one actually hitting the ball for you. That’s why you get to bring home the big-ass Happy Gilmore cardboard checks. You’ve been playing the game long enough to know that sometimes wind plays a factor in a shot. Or sometimes you didn’t quite hit it right. Maybe give poor Ted a break and accept that you might have just played a few crappy shots and cost yourself a tournament.

Bubba Watson finished in fourth place and brought home a measly 292k. Now, everybody and feel really, really sorry for Bubba.

Fifty Shades Of Drunk Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods, Drunk

Rumor has it that El Tigre’, aka Tiger Woods indulged a little hard on some of Grandpa’s old cough medicine over the weekend at the Met Gala. Tiger was making his first public appearance with his girlfriend (as of right now) Lindsey Vonn. According to various media outlets, Tiger was attempting to make out with Vonn and play a little grab-ass, while she was having none of it. Tiger also apparently took a bit of a tumble up a flight of stairs. That’s right, that’s not a typo you just read, he fell UP a flight of steps. Way to put yourself out there Tiger, you’re clearly on the fast-track to repairing your already tainted public image!

Tiger Woods, Drunk

Tiger Woods, Drunk

Tiger Woods, Drunk

Tiger Woods, Drunk


Rory McIlroy Headlines New Nike Golf Trickshot Video

Rory McIlroy, Nike, Trick ShotRory McIlroy leads the way in Nike’s newest ad, and latest trend of trick shot videos taking the internet by storm. It’s pretty anticlimactic and a little drab, but it’s something new for you to “read” on The Meat Locker.


Red Bull Challenge: Golf Skee Ball

Rickie Fowler, Red Bull

With NFL free agency taking over. Here’s a post that has absolutely nothing to do with football. This clip comes with Masters being within reach and a video that was shot last year on behalf of Red Bull. Rickie Fowler joins up with a few more of golfs fresh faces and takes on a game of skee ball. Except this game of skee ball is a little different, it involves a seven iron and some small sand boxes. Take a look as Fowler shows off his skills.

Andres Gonzales Is The Newest Face Of Travis Matthew Golf Apparel

Andres Gonzales, Travis Matthew Golf Apparel

Friend of The Meat Locker (Shameless Twitter Plug Inserted Here) and once described “half man, half amazing” by ESPN’s Rick Reilly,  Andres Gonzales is the newest member of Travis Matthew Golf Apparel. For those that frequent The Meat Locker, you might have seen our interview with the newly anointed PGA Tour member. We played “20 Questions With Andres Gonzales” and needless to say, the Twitter funny-man and habitual Tiger Woods stalker delivered. Make sure you follow Andres on Twitter and show some love for his newest endorsement! Congrats Andres!

How Your Favorite Athletes Will Vote Today

Today marks a monumental day in history as citizens of the United States anxiously await who will be elected their new leader. After several heated debates and ferocious campaigning, a winner will be chosen tonight between current president Barack Obama and Republican Party hopeful, Mitt Romney.

Have you ever been curious as to who some of your favorite athletes might support? We’ve provided a few of them to help give you a better idea.

Who Is Team Romney And Who Is Team Obama?

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