Alex Rodriguez Reacts After Storming Out Of Hearing (Video)

Alex Rodriguez, Grievance Hearing

After New York Yankees third baseman, Alex Rodriguez stormed out of today’s grievance hearing in regards to his alleged steroid use/suspension. He appeared on the Mike Francesca show afterwards and expressed his disappointment in commissioner Bud Selig’s lack of presence at the hearing. Rodriguez felt that since Selig has led this witch hunt, he should be involved in the process that will potentially be shutting the door on his career.

Selig has enforced a 211-game suspension on Rodriguez for being a repeat offender of Major League Baseball’s steroid policy. At 38 years old, a suspension of this magnitude would allow Rodriguez to return to the game at 40 years old. At that age, it’s highly unlikely that he could be productive, nor is guaranteed that a team would be willing on to take on such a risk.

Here is the interview where Rodriguez voices his frustrations.