Week 9 NFL Football Picks

Here are the Week 9 NFL Picks. The Back-Up Couch Potato has hit a minor slump. In her defense it has been an unpredictable NFL season thus far. Who would have thought that the Oakland Raiders would be in the playoff hunt at this point in the season. Who would have thought that the Cowboys and Vikings would be in contention to land the first pick in next years draft. This week saw two former high profile players fall from grace and land on the NFL waiver wire. Randy Moss landed in Tennessee and Shawn Merriman is now a Buffalo Bill. It would be a safe bet to assume that after the season both players will be wearing new uniforms. Anyway here are the picks!

Tampa Bay at Atlanta 1:00 PM
Pick: Atlanta
Analysis: The young Bucs are developing into a well rounded young team. However they will struggle against one of the NFC’s top teams in the Atlanta Falcons. The balanced attack of Turner and Roddy White should keep the Tampa Bay defense on their toes. In the end Atlanta will hold down the fort at home and log another win on an impressive season.
Chicago at Buffalo 1:00 PM
Pick: Chicago
Analysis: It’s not that we want to pull for Jay Cutler but against the Bills he has left us no choice. The Bills are still searching for a much needed win. Cutler and the Bears offense should handle the Bills easily… If Chicago can’t pull this one out then we will treat Cutler like that “Head Coach” for the Cowboys that shall remain nameless for the time being. Until he is fired at least.
New England at Cleveland 1:00 PM
Pick: New England
Analysis: The Browns surprised EVERYBODY a couple weeks ago when they stunned the Saints. Colt McCoy did not surpass 100 yards for the Browns passing game against the Saints D. We predict he will get over that hundred yards but that will be the only positive. We expect the Pats to swallow up the abysmal Browns and spit out their pride in a landslide win.
NY Jets at Detroit 1:00 PM
Pick: NY Jets
Analysis: Sanchez should rally the troops and get that Jets back into the winning spirit after suffering a loss to the Packers last week in a defensive battle. The Jets should hit their groove and put together a well executed offensive performance. Don’t expect another 4 TD performance from Matt Stafford this week by the way.
New Orleans at Carolina 1:00 PM
Pick: New Orleans
Analysis: Drew Brees showed signs of returning to his normal self after last week. The Panthers are having a season that they would like to forget. John Fox is a great coach and it isn’t his fault that the Panthers struggling mightily. Expect 2010 to be John Fox’s last in Carolina.
Miami at Baltimore 1:00 PM
Pick: Baltimore
Analysis: Miami is too inconsistent to pick them against the Ravens. Balitmore is far more balanced and should be able to easily defeat the Dolphins in a much needed win at home. Joe Flacco’s “guido” haricut should be the determining factor in this one.
San Diego at Houston 1:00 PM
Pick: San Diego
Analysis: The Meat Locker will not elaborate on this pick. We continue to pick the Chargers and they continue to disappoint. Don’t make us look stupid Norv Turner!
Arizona at Minnesota 1:00 PM
Pick: Minnesota
Analysis: A moral victory is in line for Vikings. Brett Favre is wishing he stayed in his back yard tossing the ball around with his buddies and driving his tractor around his million acres of land like the Wrangler commercials. This season is not what he signed up for. We’ll give you this one Brett.
NY Giants at Seattle 4:05 PM
Pick: NY Giants
Analysis: Charlie Whitehurst gets the start for the Seahawks and leaves with a loss in his first NFL start. Whitehurst is the highest paid back-up QB in the league. He should develop into a decent QB but the Giants will give him a taste of what the NFL is all about.
Indianapolis at Philadelphia 4:15 PM (Upset Pick)
Pick: Indianapolis
Analysis: Bottom line… Vick comes back rusty and Manning finds a way to win. Andy Reid is going to question why Kevin Kolb is not his starter still.
Kansas City at Oakland 4:15 PM
Pick: Kansas City
Analysis: KC is the surprise team of the year with Oakland a close second. The Chiefs will stay atop the AFC West and take care of the Raiders for a nice victory on the road.
Dallas at Green Bay 8:20 PM
Pick: Green Bay
Analysis: Green Bay is proving to be a force to be reckoned with in the NFC. They have demonstrated that they are the clear favorite in the NFC at this point. They will continue to roll leave the Cowboys in their wake.
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati 8:30 PM
Pick: Pittsburgh
Analysis: Pittsburgh bounces back after a tough loss last week. The Bengals are desperate for a win but they won’t be able to pull it out against a talented Pitt defense. James Harrison is facing his second huge fine of the season after another rough hit on the QB. We don’t expect him to slow down at all and put Carson Palmer on his butt a few times.


Week 8 NFL Picks

The Back-Up Coach Potato may have gotten a little cocky last week with the picks but have faith. Many of the greats have bounced back from the “sophomore slump.” After going 11-3 the first week Addy hit a minor speed bump going 8-6 in week 7. However there were some gusty picks that proved to be the right call. Had Tony Romo not had his shoulder blown off, she still stands firm on the fact that the Cowboys would have pulled off the win.  The Chargers also surged in the second half to make a run at stealing a win away from the Patriots. The Patriots snuck away with the win after kicker Kris Brown hit the goal post on a 50 yard field goal attempt. For the season, the record currently stands at 19-9.

Washington at Detroit 1:00

Pick: Washington

Jacksonville at Dallas: 1:00

Pick: Dallas

Miami at Cincinnati: 1:00

Pick: Cincinnati

Buffalo at Kansas City: 1:00

Pick: Kansas City

Carolina at St. Louis: 1:00

Pick: St. Louis

Denver at San Francisco: 1:00

Pick: Denver

Green Bay at New York Jets: 1:00

Pick: Green Bay

Tennessee at San Diego: 4:05

Pick: San Diego

Tampa Bay at Arizona: 4:15

Pick: Arizona

Minnesota at New England: 4:15

Pick: New England

Seattle at Oakland: 4:15

Pick: Seattle

Pittsburgh at New Orleans: 8:20

Pick: New Orleans

Houston at Indianapolis: Monday 8:30 (Upset Pick)

Pick: Houston

The Back-Up Coach Potato’s Week 7 NFL Picks

The Back-Up Coach Potato’s picks are officially in. Addy showed up with an impressive debut going 11-3 last weeks picks. She received a few calls from Vegas this week but insists that she is strictly doing this “from the heart and for the fans.” So lets get down to business. Here are the picks for week 7’s NFL match-ups… Continue to keep checking back every Thursday for the picks of the week and daily for everything sports at the Meat Locker!

Cincinnati at Atlanta: 1:00

Pick: Atlanta
Analysis: Matt Ryan and Michael Turner will spark the Atlanta offense after suffering a loss on the road in Philadelphia. Look for a consistent performance from “Matty-Ice” and Michael Turner will have a big day against a tough Cincy defense.

Washington at Chicago: 1:00

Pick: Chicago
Analysis: After being let down by Jay Cutler and the Bears last week against an easily beatable Seattle team, Cutler gets one more chance to redeem himself and show back up. Washington is due for a win and it could possibly come against the Bears and their vulnerable state. Both teams need the win, but expect Cutler to lead the charge and bounce back from the concussion.

St. Louis at Tampa Bay: 1:00

Pick: Tampa Bay
Analysis: It’s hard to pick against Sam Bradford and the unlikely Rams. They have been turning heads around the league so far this season, but we expect Bradford to hit a speed bump in his rapid development against the unlikely foe Tampa Bay Bucs. Josh Freeman is quietly leading a talented young Bucs squad.

San Francisco at Carolina: 1:00

Pick: San Francisco
Analysis: Frank Gore will lead the charge against the Panthers ripping off a 2 game win streak. Expect some poor decision making by Alex Smith with Gore bailing him out. The Panthers are “re-building” with little expectations this week.

Buffalo at Baltimore: 1:00

Pick: Baltimore
Analysis: An angry Baltimore team will answer back from a tough loss in New England week. They will soundly beat the Bills on the offense and defense side of the ball. Advice… Keep your Buffalo RB’s on the bench in your fantasy leagues. This one could get ugly.

Philadelphia at Tennessee: 1:00

Pick: Philadelphia
Analysis: Kevin Kolb is no longer showcasing to be trade bait as the NFL trade dealine has passed. He’s now a man on a mission to hold onto the job he deserves. Vick is out again this week and Vince Young might be out for Tennessee. Philadelphia will continue an impressive run while slowing Chris Johnson down in the process.

Jacksonville at Kansas City: 1:00

Pick: Kansas City
Analysis: Sorry you got picked for the “upset” pick last week against Houston, but it was the correct pick. KC will get back on track this week against the Jags. Jack Del Rio will still be lobbying for an assistant job next year, he’s gone after this year.

Pittsburgh at Miami: 1:00

Pick: Pittsburgh
Analysis: Granted Big Ben is harness his temptations and avoid the Miami night life, the Steelers are going to keep playing strong, balanced football.

Cleveland at New Orleans: 1:00

Pick: New Orleans
Analysis: Drew Brees bounced back last week against the Bucs fueling an offensive output that fans have been waiting for since the Super Bowl. Colt McCoy takes the reigns for Cleveland again but the young fella will be beaten by a veteran New Orleans defense.

Arizona at Seattle: 4:05

Pick: Seattle
Analysis: Pete Carroll has the Seahawks playing with some fire in their gut. Max Hall an undrafted rookie is the started in Arizona with poor running game to bail him out. Matt Hasslebeck will lead the Seahawks to a nice win connecting with the resurgent Mike Williams, and complimented nicely by newly acquired Marshawn Lynch.

New England at San Diego: 4:15

Pick: New England
Analysis: A scary pick again this week as San Diego has a point to prove. The Chargers have been a HUGE disappointment this year with losses to the Raiders and the Rams. New England has returned to the basics and embraced their old formula. Expect a big game from Wes Welker as Deion Branch has a target on his back after a great performance in his return to New England.

Oakland at Denver: 4:15

Pick: Denver
Analysis: Knowshon Moreno averaged nearly 5 yards a carry against the stout defense of the Jets last week after returning from a hammy injury. Moreno will lead the rushing attack this week against the Raiders while Kyle Orton will continue his pro bowl form season.

Minnesota at Green Bay: 8:20

Pick: Green Bay
Analysis: Minnesota surprised us last week and beating the Cowboys at home. Aaron Rodgers silently keeps a chip on his shoulder for the time he spent on the bench behind Favre. He thrives off beating his old mentor and will do so convincingly at home.

New York Giants at Dallas: Monday 8:30

Pick: Dallas (Upset Pick)
Analysis. Plain and simple… the Cowboys are in sheer panic mode and desperately need a win. Dallas is hosting the Monday nighter, the stage is set for Jerry Jones and his Cowboys to pull off an unexpected win. Notice how we said Jerry Jones and not Wade Phillips? That’s because it’s not his team and Jones is too proud to can him now. From this point on we will not affiliate Wade Phillips with the Cowboys because lets be honest, he’s just donw on the sideline pretending he’s making the decisions.