‘The Ultimate Fighter’ Contestant Delivers Devastating KO

The Ultimate Fighter, Knock Out, Uriah Hall

The Meat Locker isn’t known for sharing a whole lot of UFC related material, but this one could not be neglected. The current season of The Ultimate Fighter airing on FX has been quite the season so far. Uriah Hall, a member of Chael Sonnen’s team has been the clear front-runner so far this season, and with this knockout that he delivered in this weeks episode, its become even more clear.



Chael Sonnen “Smack-Off” On The Jim Rome Show


As usual, with any Chael Sonnen post that we put on The Meat Locker, any commentary would serve no justice. Instead, we simply ask that you just take in the hilarity of Chael Sonnen. The guy cannot be stumped. Should you ever find yourself in a war-of-words with Sonnen, you have to wonder if you’d endure more psychological damage from a verbal standoff rather than what you would in the octagon with him.

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Happy Thursday: The Best Of UFC’s Chael Sonnen

There is no need for any sort of commentary on this one. These videos all speak for themselves as Chael Sonnen quite possibly is the wittiest athlete out there today. Watch as he owns every reporter in these clips, it’s “2000 and Chael” folks!

Brock Lesnar Blows Up Prairie Dogs?

How Do You Usually Announce That You Are Back To 100 Percent? We Like To De-Horn Unicorns!

Brock Lesnar most likely just earned a spot on PETA’s most hated list with this clip. After a several month hiatus from the UFC batting diverticulitis. Lesnar has announced that he is officially back and has never felt better. And what better way than loading up and blasting some prairie dogs with some high-powered rifles from long distance.

Lesnar explains how this is actually research, and being able to test the different kinds of ammunition is actually beneficial. Lesnar looks like a kid in a candy store, with a grin ear-to-ear as he “disintegrates” the little guys.

UFC’s Chael Sonnen, Classic Interview

UFC Fighter Chael Sonnen. The New Excuse For Us To Watch The UFC

Obviously for our regular readers, you can see we don’t post too often on the unfamiliar territory of the UFC. But after this clip was brought to our attention by a co-worker, we must share this with you. Maybe we’re way behind on this, but none the less… it’s an enjoyable clip.

UFC fighter Chael Sonnen, gives perhaps the most entertaining ever recorded. The guy clearly has a screw loose and it’s awesome. We have attached the shortened version, as well as the full version. The best part of the interview happens when the reporter asks Sonnen about his thoughts on a fellow UFC fighter, who happens to be an immigrant from Brazil. If you’re impatient, check in around minute 6.45.

The full version though is the real treat. Enjoy the entertainment, and we’ll be sure to check around for some more Chael Sonnen soundbites, if they’re anything close being as awesome as this one.

Shortened Version


Full Version