RIP Tommy “Tommy Gunn” Morrison

Tommy Morrison, Rocky, Died

Star of Rocky V and former World Boxing Organization Champion Tommy Morrison has died at the age of 44. Morrison is most famous for his role in the Rocky saga as a former trainee turned foe of the fictitious boxing legend. Morrison was also a professional boxer, while posting a 49-3 record for his career. In 1996, Morrison, the grand-nephew of Hollywood legend John Wayne revealed that he was HIV positive. Morrison struggled during his life with substance and drug abuse while also having several run-in’s with the law. Morrison’s appearance drastically changed as he aged and he got deeper into his diagnosis. RIP to the former champ.

Morrison In His Prime

Morrison In His Prime


Morrison During A 2010 Arrest

Morrison During A 2010 Arrest



Mayweather vs. Merchant Is The Real Headline

Floyd Mayweather vs. Larry Merchant

In this weekends post fight interview with Floyd Mayweather, (42-0) Larry Merchant pushes the often hot-headed boxer to the point of no return, old-man harassment. Surely most of you have seen this, but it was just too irresistible to not put up. Who knows what kind of shape Larry Merchant was in 50 years ago, but he probably could have gotten away with a cheap shot on Mayweather, similar to the one Mayweather threw on Victor Ortiz to win the fight.

“The Cheap Shot”

Jim Gray Is A Bully

After making a bad call in the recent Mares/Agbeko bout, referee Russell Mora found himself cornered by the bully of the journalism world, Jim Gray. After seeing the replay, it’s clear that a punch below the belt was thrown the belt that should have ultimately ended the fight in disqualification. But Mora had a bad night and unfortunately missed a fairly obvious call.

Jim Gray took it upon himself to take matters into his own hands by scolding a man that’s close to his own age. He’s lucky the ref didn’t take it upon himself to throw a fist into his smug face. Leave it to the boxing commission to handle that business Jim Gray, you stick to your crappy reporting.

Supporting Haymakers for Hope!

Have you ever been entrigued by the prospect of stepping into a real boxing ring and competing in a real bout? Here’s your chance! We are teaming up with an amazing organization led by two phenomenal people in Andrew Myerson and Julie Ann Kelly of Haymakers for Hope.

Haymakers for Hope is a non-profit organization whose primary goal is to raise awareness and money for cancer research. Haymakers for Hope works as a subsidiary of the Dana Farber and Jimmy Fund, with all donations going to the Jimmy Fund. Haymakers for Hope has been raising money through a series of sponsored boxing events throughout the Greater Boston area.

The competitors are composed of two different age groups, a younger adult division ranging from 22-35 years old and a 35-year-old plus division. Part of the whole mystique of Haymakers for Hope, is that the fighters are just like you! Regular people that are part of the regular working world, looking to experience an authentic boxing match. They are put through a disciplined training program leading up to their big match.

Haymakers for Hope amounts to a final event being held at The Castle at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston on June 23rd at 7:30 pm. We strongly encourage fans of The Meat Locker Sports to visit the Haymakers for Hope website to learn more about this great cause and learn how to make a donation today. Haymakers for Hope can also be followed on Twitter and “liked” on Facebook, where you can find regular updates on participants and competitors.