Michael Jordan Gets Schooled In Beer Pong

Michael Jordan, Beer Pong

Michael Jordan recently participated in a game of beer pong and was taken to school by a couple regular bros. You can’t hold it against MJ for not being the pro you expected, but you should probably expect him to be better than you at anything else in life. Pretty cool for MJ to stop in with a couple rando’s at the Ritz Carleton in Miami and have a little fun.



How Your Favorite Athletes Will Vote Today

Today marks a monumental day in history as citizens of the United States anxiously await who will be elected their new leader. After several heated debates and ferocious campaigning, a winner will be chosen tonight between current president Barack Obama and Republican Party hopeful, Mitt Romney.

Have you ever been curious as to who some of your favorite athletes might support? We’ve provided a few of them to help give you a better idea.

Who Is Team Romney And Who Is Team Obama?

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