‘LeBroning’ Might Be The Best Thing To Ever Happen To The Internet

LeBron James, Flopping

“Tebowing”… soooo 2011. “Griffining”… soooo 2012. 2014 is the year of “LeBroning.” It’s what all the crazy kids are doing on Vine nowadays. LeBron James, aka the face and identity of the NBA is known to exaggerate his body in order to get a foul called, otherwise known as “flopping.”

Flopping- The art of de-masculating yourself and contorting your body in such ways to gain attention of the referee in the hopes of getting a foul called against your opponent.

Teenagers and pathetic adults have taken to the popular social media platform, Vine, to post their own renditions of “LeBroning.” Forgive the piss-poor YouTube clip, but you should get the picture. If the YouTube post doesn’t do the art of “LeBroning” any justice search Twitter or Vine under the hashtag #LeBroning and you’ll get it.




Andres Gonzales Is The Newest Face Of Travis Matthew Golf Apparel

Andres Gonzales, Travis Matthew Golf Apparel

Friend of The Meat Locker (Shameless Twitter Plug Inserted Here) and once described “half man, half amazing” by ESPN’s Rick Reilly,  Andres Gonzales is the newest member of Travis Matthew Golf Apparel. For those that frequent The Meat Locker, you might have seen our interview with the newly anointed PGA Tour member. We played “20 Questions With Andres Gonzales” and needless to say, the Twitter funny-man and habitual Tiger Woods stalker delivered. Make sure you follow Andres on Twitter and show some love for his newest endorsement! Congrats Andres!

Enter The Ridiculous Mind Of Jose Canseco (Via Twitter)

Jose Canseco, New Years Resolutions

While venturing through Twitter on New Years Day, one of the most ridiculous threads appeared before my very eyes. This thread came courtesy of former “Bash Brother” and admitted “juicer” Jose Canseco. If you already follow Canseco on Twitter, you may already be aware of his complete misinterpretation of his self-proclaimed “celebrity status” and misunderstanding of reality.

This is a great example of why you don’t do steroids children, not only do they get you kicked out of baseball and shrink your wee-wee, they also alter your thinking. Listed below are Mr. Canseco’s New Years resolutions, and you better believe he’s being completely serious in these. On a daily basis, Canseco tweets about helping out our government and one day being elected into some sort of political office so that he can “help.” He’s also been known to tweet many high-ranking MLB players and officials, lobbying for a roster spot for a major league club. Keep in mind, Canseco is 48-years old and hasn’t seen a major league pitch come across the plate since 2001.

Jose Canseco, Twitter

Note: These are original Jose Canseco tweets. Spelling, grammar and stupid has NOT been altered for your reading pleasure.

Via @JoseCanseco 

“1. spend more time with my daughter
“2. get stronger and fitter
“3. help people who are getting screwed wherever i can”
“4. return to pro baseball as player or manager and have dinners with McGwire, La Russa, Bonds, and Selig.
“5. Fight Shaq in MMA cage match
“5. develop and launch Ponce de CAnseco a real anti aging drink
“6. Get elected to a important political office in the U.S. or canada to help all people and governments with there problems
“7. Become a world class entreprenur and found at least two great companies that make peoples lives better and funner
“8. Write a third book and do a move deal for Juiced!
“9. Do at least 100 promotional deals for good companies and products like Animal Rights, Human health, Environmental, and Beer companies
“10. Use position as A List entertainer doing reality, TV, movies, blogs, columns, appearances to be able to do more charity”

“20 Questions” With Tour Pro/Twitter Funny-Man Andres Gonzales

We recently caught up with Nationwide Tour member and Twitter funny-man Andres Gonzales. Gonzales, a product of UNLV has expanded his brand in the golfing world by rocking a mean fu-manchu and sporting a pretty sick mane. Gonzales has also caught some nationwide attention through his social media activity and his quirky attempts of contacting Tiger Woods via Twitter. Get to know a little more about one of the sports worlds most interesting characters. We’d like to thank Andres for taking the time to chat with us and provide us with some pretty entertaining material.

1.) Drive for show… Or putt for dough?

“If i could drive for show, you could bet your right ear I would be doing it.  There so so many guys, especially your college guys that come out and can absolutely send the ball these days.  The biggest thing that I have learned in my game is that I am not one of the longest guys and rely more on my talents around the green.  I am a great putter and that is where I make my dough.”

2.) You’ve been growing your hair out for “Locks Of Love.” How long is the hair going to get until you have reached your goal? Also, how long have you growing it out?

“I have been growing my hair out since Sept. 18, 2009.  I need ten inches in a pony tail.  I think it might be ready right now but I am at least going to make it to the end of this season.  It has been a long process and I wish it would grow faster so that I can cut it.  It got quite hot this last summer during our mid-west swing.”

3.) You’ve bounced around a little bit between the Nationwide Tour, Canadian Tour and the PGA Tour. What do you have to do to position yourself to make a run earning your PGA tour card full-time?

“I have got to get a little more consistent off the tee.  When I hit the ball in the fairway, my iron game and putting always puts me in contention.  the more fairways that are hit the more birdies that are made.”

4.) Beemer, Benz or Bentley?

“HAHA…they are all awesome cars, so it comes down to where am I at any given point in my life.  As of right now I am in the Beemer stage.  That is the luxury car that is most in my price-range.  The plan is to get into that E63 AMG Benz but that is a little ways away.  I would rather buy a house instead of a box on wheels.  And as for the Bentley, that is why my wife wants at some point.  So as I keep dreaming in golf, I told her to keep dreaming when it came to that whip.”

5.) You’re a pretty prolific “tweeter.” What do you consider the ideal tweeting atmosphere? What allows you to put out your best stuff?

“The best inspiration comes around a group of friends at The Griffin Lounge/Bar downtown Las Vegas with four empty pints in front of me.  Jokes start flying out amongst friends, that is all I am looking to do with twitter…make people laugh.  For the record, it irritates the crap out of me when golfers write stuff like, “Had a rough day today, worked some things out on the range and ready to get at it tomorrow.”  Frankly, who F’n cares.  That is not funny and it is boring.”

6.) On the topic of Twitter, you’ve most notably earned the attention for your attempts at contacting a one Mr. Tiger Woods. Has he ever given you a response?

@Tigerwoods has never responded to me and I don’t know if it will ever happen.  I am not expecting it to happen or even care if it does.  I will meet him at some point and I would imagine that we will get along just fine.  Starting to tweet him actually started at The Griffin.  I just thought it would have been funny last year for a no-name rookie to start hollerin at the biggest name in the world.”

Some Of the Infamous “Tiger Tweets”

7.) Have you ever had the opportunity of meeting Tiger outside the social media world, if so, what’d you think?

“I met him twice in my life, but he would not have remembered.  I went to UNLV and we worked out with the same trainer there that he did, so he would come in a few times a year and chat with us.  I also had the privilege to caddy for my friend and PGA Tour player Ryan Moore at the 2003 Masters.  I met him on the range there.  In my rookie season, however, I was in the player dining area at the Frys.com Open in California and he was playing.  He walked into the room and I felt every eye in the room turn to me.  I froze and had nothing.  HAHA…I pussed out and looked like a coward.  I have not lived that down amongst my friends.”

8.) Biggest celebrity crush, and no, Tiger does not count.

“Jessica Alba hands down…next question.”

9.) What do you consider your proudest moment as a professional golfer?

“My proudest moment as a pro was getting through the finals at Q-School to get my PGA Tour card.  It was a life long dream to get to “big tour” and I had reached that goal.  It is a long final stage with 6-rounds and I was proud of the way I handled myself mentally.”

10.) Explain why your involvement to Pancreatic Cancer research is so important to you and how you are able to raise money and able create awareness?

“Pancreatic cancer took the life of my father and my wife’s grandfather.  It is a deadly disease and I hate it. I am doing what I can do to fight against it.  My wife and I have a charity golf tournament that we host.  It was actually this last Monday on the 17th of September.  Proceeds go to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.  It is the network that raises money for research to try to find a cure.  I miss my father and this was the best way using my “celebrity” that I knew to remember him and to give back.”

11.) With all the traveling you do in your profession, what city do you find has the best food? If you can narrow it down, what’s your favorite spot?

“That is a tough one.  I cannot narrow it down to best restaurant but I can narrow it down to three cities.  I will start where I went to college, UNLV.  REBELS!!!!!!!!!!!  REBELS!!!!!!!!  REBELS!!!!!!!!!!  If you are a chef in the world of notoriety you will have a restaurant in Las Vegas.  There are so many restaurants to choose from and they are all good.  I like Memphis a lot too because I am a BBQ guy.  There are so many different hole-in-the-wall places there, and there are also the tourists spots downtown.  Lots of options.  I think the same thing with Chicago, being that it is the third largest city in the country, there are once again lots of options.  This is the only town that I can name a restaurant… Gibsons Steakhouse.

12.) Favorite band?

“The Band, The Who, Coldplay, Modest Mouse, Zac Brown Band, Lady Antebellum, Dave Matthews, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Taj Mahal, Eric Clapton … I don’t really have a favorite, but I seem to like it all from rock ‘n roll and country and blues types of music.”

13.) If you could have lunch with three people, dead or alive, who would they be and why?

“My Father.  I would do anything to spend any bit more time with him.  The Dalai Lama because he seems to have things figured out to the most simple form of life, and my goals are to make life as simple as possible.  Babe Ruth.  That guy was the king of the world at one point.  He seemed gruff and charismatic and he was the best at what he did, which is what I strive to do.  And it would be great to see him at the same table as “his holiness”  and see how their personalities contrasted.”

14.) Watching golf on TV and seeing you and your fellow tour members playing together, how much conversation actually takes place between you and the player you’re grouped with? What kind of conversation usually takes place?

“When it comes to me I like to talk a lot.  It keeps me loose.  Some guys are all business which is fine, so that talk is not that much.  As far as what we talk about…what do you talk about with your friends?  We talk about the same things.  We are all just guys that can play golf pretty well.  Still just guys though talking about man shit!!!  You know…Beer, women, steak and sports.  As to what actually is talked about, that is a little secret of the pros.”

15.) What do you like to do outside of golf? What keeps you sane when you aren’t out swinging the sticks?

“I actually play a lot of golf with friends at my club when I go home.  they call themselves “The Gutter Pack”.  I am just a golf junky when it comes down to it.  I like to fish with some beers when on the road and at home.  It is hard for me to spend all my time at  the course, even though I do like it so much.  I like to be on my couch or on my porch with the grill on with my friends.  I love being around people and don’t like to be by myself too much.  I like to do anything with friends that involves beer and wine.”

16.) Are you a sports fan in general, if so, what teams do you follow and are you ever able to get out to games and enjoy them?

“I am a Seattle fan.  I have to admit I am a band wagon Seahawks fan because the first 20-years of my life they were terrible.  I enjoy Mariner games and Seattle Sounder games.  I really like baseball so whenever there is a game when I am on the road, doesn’t matter who is playing, I like to get some friends and go the park and watch the game and have some beers.  Is anyone starting to see a theme in this.

17.) Budweiser, Miller, Pabst Blue Ribbon or Natural Light?

“Miller Coors”

18.) Are you a Netflix man or a Hulu man, what was the last thing you watched?

“I watch whatever is on TV.  When I am on the road I watch a lot of sports with other players and friends.  When I am at home I catch up on shows that I have missed.  I watch a lot of cable shows like Entourage, Boardwalk Empire, Californication, Episodes. The most recent that I have gotten into that I really enjoy is Newsroom on HBO.  I still have two episodes left of the first season when I get home.

19.) What do you feel is the strongest part of your game, the one thing you completely trust that allows you to be successful as a professional golfer?

“My coach in college, Dwaine Knight, instilled in all of our minds that we are great putters.  Before I got there I was a good putter and felt like I would make everything.  He reiterated that until the point that it got annoying to hear.  I left school and that is still in my mind.  I am a great putter and it is the part in my game.  I don’t think it ever leaves and that I will remain to believe I am good at it.”

20.) Every athlete leaves a legacy when they leave the game. When it’s all said and done and you’ve stopped playing golf, what is the legacy left behind by Andres Gonzales?

“I want people to think that I was fun to watch.  I love playing the game and am going to keep striving to get better.  I want to not only be a great golfer, but I want to look like I am enjoying doing it.  I like interacting with fans and when fans say hello. I still think to myself that it is unbelievable that I get to do what I love to do and that people want to watch me play.  It sounds weird and vague, but I want to be remembered for me, and I hope I am viewed by others as I see myself…Happy as Hell!!!!!!”

On Deck: Golfer/Twitter Funny-Man Andres Gonzales

If you follow Nationwide Tour member Andres Gonzales on Twitter, you already know what you’re getting. If you aren’t following Andres Gonzales on Twitter, our upcoming interview should change that. Gonzales, a product of UNLV is currently competing on the Nationwide Tour after successful stints on both the Canadian Tour and the PGA Tour.

Gonzales is known for his comedic attempts to engage Tiger Woods via Twitter and his clever responses to his fans. For example, when we approached him for an interview, he told us it would cost $1,000. We didn’t have $1,000 and we really aren’t comfortable divulging what exactly it took to get some of Mr. Gonzales’s time. We can assure you that this next guest is sure to be entertaining. We play “20 Questions” with Andres and touch on a number of subjects ranging from golf, his fundraising efforts for Pancreatic Cancer research and subject matter that really has no relevance. Stay tuned guys and prepare yourself for the long-haired, fu-manchu rocking enigma that is known Andres Gonzales.

Even Herbstreit Thinks It Sucks To Be A Clemson Fan

Why yes Kirk Herbstreit you are correct, it really must suck to be a Clemson fan (Completely unrelated to this article, but really is perhaps the best video ever to make fun of Clemson.) In a question submitted via Twitter, Herbstreit was asked by our new best friend @ColeWagoner what the hardest team in college football to root for was, Herbie replied with a straight forward and brutally honest answer, the Clemson Tigers. Every year the Tigers are able to recruit perhaps some of the best talent in the country, yet when it comes down it, they always manage to let you down. We’ve been through many, many crappy years as Gamecock fans, but it’s always enjoyable to bask in the misfortune of the Clemson Tigers. Enjoy this little clip from ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit.