Danica Patrick Is NOT Amused By Jay Mohr

Danica Patrick, Jay Mohr, Sprint Cup Awards

It comes with the territory. When it’s understood that a comedian is headlining an award show, expect a few curve balls in the opening monologue. When you’re Danica Patrick, you should be sure that your “people” pass along them memo to take any jokes in stride. If you’re the boyfriend of Danica Patrick, currently it’s fellow driver Ricky Stenhouse, you should also be prepared to not be such a “Sensitive Sally.”

Comedian Jay Mohr hosted the NASCAR Sprint Cup Awards Banquet and fired a few zingers in Danica’s direction. It’s safe to say she didn’t take too kind to his jokes. No smiles were cracked and little Ricky was none too pleased himself.

After seeing Patrick’s obvious looks of disapproval and most likely a barrage of Danica supporters via twitter, Mohr made sure to commend Patrick for her accomplishments in a sport dominated by men.

But seriously, relax Danica and take a joke.




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