How Can you Hate Danny Woodhead?

Danny Woodhead on the game winning drive against a familiar foe in the New York Jets

Rex Ryan was holding his weekly press conference when the question arose about his feelings regarding the New England Patriots. Clearly you aren’t supposed to really like, love, or respect your opponent but ever since Danny Woodhead was let go by the New York Jets, he has evolved into a fan favorite with New England. Ryan went on to say that “Woodhead is a good kid, but right now I can’t stand him.” Ryan might be a little bitter in Woodhead’s success and the fact he wasn’t capable of coaching him into the player he has become. Woodhead is a role player, the kind of player that is capable of succeeding within the right system. Appears that Rex Ryan wasn’t quite good enough as a head coach to make Woodhead a role player in New York. The stats below might just speak for themselves…

Woodhead 2009 stats with the New York Jets:

Rushes: 15
Yards: 64
TD’s: 0

Receptions: 8
Yards: 87
TD’s: 0

Woodhead 2010 stats with the New England Patriots (Not including Playoffs)

Rushes: 97
Yards: 547
TD’s: 5

Yards: 379
TD’s: 1


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