Danny Woodhead Pitches His Own Jersey

Danny Woodhead

Danny Woodhead
took part in a special promotion by Reebok at Modell’s Sporting Goods. Woodhead is producing the highest rate of jersey sales by any New England Patriot, however he can’t even get recognized by his own fans. Woodhead flies under the radar in the NFL and it appears that’s how it may be going for him outside the gridiron. Woodhead has become a major contributor for the Patriots this year playing the role of the injured Kevin Faulk. He has played so well that the Pats have signed the former New York Jets castoff to a new 2 year deal. Patriots fans have a lot to be excited about with this little 5’7” wonder. Check out this funny video below of Woodhead’s stellar sales abilities.

(By the way… We found this before Deadspin.com did)


3 thoughts on “Danny Woodhead Pitches His Own Jersey

  1. Danny Woodhead is gay.

  2. Too funny! Danny does look like a rock star. And he may be small but his passion for the game makes him shine!

    • He really is great for football. Goes to show you that if you’re given the right opportunity what can happen. All 32 teams had a chance to pick him up when the Jets let him go and look what he’s capable of. Thanks for checking in… Help spread the word as we’re trying to get new subscribers everyday!

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